Operating in Peru for more than ten years, UMT has a vast experience in the precious metals field.

We aim to expand in the field of gold exploitation, from production to its final destination. In order to accomplish this goal we have developed a trust philosophy with our clients, suppliers and partners; we understand trust as our core value. By growing hand in hand with our collaborators, we feel confident about our proceeding in the market.

UMT has the adequate technology for analyzing precious metals with high precision. Our team and know-how, allow us to be competitive and excel in this changing market. We work in symbiosis with our partners, their fails are our fails, and their success is ours as well.

Committed to caring and sustainability of the environment; our suppliers are constantly visited by us, in order to supervise their working conditions, and apply the necessary regulations.

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We believe that the values of loyalty, credibility and the respect to the legal terms are closely linked to our growth in the market, the profitability of our business and our reputation in the international market.


UMT has the privilege of working with solid companies, internationally
renowned such as.


UMT understands the gold exploitation process, from the extraction to its final destination. We strongly believe that the supply chain has to benefit every person involved in it, but the environment shouldn't be damaged in this process.

We are proud to be involved in the developing of artisan mining in Peru. This is possible due to the training the artisans receive and due to the constant update of environmental techniques. This actions and the effort of every single element in the supply chain, allow us to ensure environmentally correct operations.


One of the core values of UMT is the development of long term relationships with our partners. Of course we are always open to create new alliances, meet new partners, clients and suppliers.